Online Giving

Through Faith Direct you can make all your contributions to Sacred Heart of Jesus via automatic payment from your checking account or credit card – just as you might do now with your mortgage, household bills and other monthly payments.  This is a great way to simplify your giving – and it’s the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly way for us to receive your gifts. For more information about Faith Direct, call 1866.507.8757 or email

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Unsure or have questions? Check out this FAQs page or watch the video below.


Stewardship calls us to recognize that all of creation is a gift from God. As stewards, we recognize God as the source of all that we are and all we possess. Therefore, we are responsible to use the gifts that God has entrusted to us in gratitude to God in everything we do. When we apply stewardship principles to everything we do in our daily lives, we put our faith into practice. We participate in God’s Kingdom here on earth and help carry out Jesus’s work.

Our parish community offers everyone an opportunity to give their time and love in service of the Church. This means that whoever you are and whatever your talents, getting involved in our church community is something you can do. Be an active part of the faith that enriches your life each and every day. Get involved and help others build their faith while renewing yours!

To get involved, please fill out the form below or email Gina Arvizu at

Leave a Legacy Gift

Your legacy is a reflection of your life, work and faith. Would you consider committing resources to the future of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church and School? Bequests and legacy giving are a major revenue source for many parishes. You can easily accomplish this through an outright gift or a planned gift through your will, revocable trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy.

Your legacy gift will honor the organizations or people who have had an impact on your life and will help ensure that future generations have the same opportunities.

For more information or to make arrangements, please contact Gina Arvizu at