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In Person Masses Coming Back!

Father Mark’s Note Regarding Starting Masses| May 2020

My Dear Parishioners,

We are excited to see you and celebrate Mass together!
Mass Schedule (Mass in English) 5pm Saturday, 8am, 10am, and 6pm Sunday
All Masses will be drive-in Masses. We have built a platform on our school playground where Fr. Mark will celebrate the Mass. Please follow the directions of the “parking lot ushers” to your parking space and stay in your car, tune your radio to our broadcast station and we will pray along together. Fr. Mark, Fr. Jose, Deacon David or an EMHC wearing mask and gloves will bring the Eucharist to your car. Parking is first come, first served and we expect it to fill up quickly, but there is parking available on the street and at Casey Middle School. For complete instructions, please read below. This is the first time we are attempting to do this. We have been planning and rehearsing, but we know that unforeseen situations may arise. Please bear with us; we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.
We must abide by the social distancing and mask requirements of Boulder County and the state of Colorado. Please stay in your vehicle at all times. Bring a mask to wear when the person distributing the Eucharist comes to your vehicle. We don’t have masks to give out. The priest and those assisting him will use all necessary precautions, using hand sanitizer, mask and gloves as needed.
Restroom Use
Use the restroom at home before you come to Mass. This is very important. There will be a restroom available for emergencies only.
Holy Communion 
We understand that that not everyone will have a great view and some may not have a view at all, but everyone will have the opportunity to receive the Body of Christ. If you wish to receive Holy Communion, please turn on your hazard lights at communion time. We are only able to give the Body of Christ into your hand.
The Mass audio will be broadcast to your vehicle’s radio or portable transistor radio; there will be no amplified sound. The radio station channel will be given to you when you arrive.
“Parking lot ushers” will direct you to your space and will direct you to your exit when Mass is over. Spaces are staggered and cars will be 8′ apart. Cars and sedans will enter from 13th Street through the gated entrance closest to the Middle School. Trucks, SUVs and larger vehicles will enter through the entrance closest to the corner of 13th and Mapleton. If parking in the back row, vehicles will have to back in.
Walkers and Bikers
10 chairs will be in front of the church and 10 in front of the parish center, but you’ll need to bring your own portable radio for sound. Holy Communion will be brought to you where you are seated.
Offertory baskets will be available as you exit the parking lot if you wish to support Sacred Heart of Jesus. We deeply appreciate your generosity. Or if you prefer, click here to donate online via Faith Direct.
To view Mass at home
To view the Mass live at home, go to  at the time the Mass is being celebrated. Press the Livestream Now! button. If you prefer to view the recorded Mass at another time, press the Previous Masses button.
If you have any questions, please reply to this note. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating this drive-in Mass together until that day when we can gather in the church once again.

God bless,

Fr. Mark